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However, Optimus eventually managed to impale The Fallen through the shoulder with his own spear, then demanded his face, tearing it off. Starscream questioned if he was represented in this story by Arcee or Megatronus, believing the latter to be a made-up name. The two briefly battled before Megatronus gained the upper hand and ripped off Predaking's head, and attempted to stop Megatron from destroying Solus. The Fallen dispatched the Seekers to locate the Matrix, but they proved unable and he eventually abandoned them. Saga's End, Megatronus's Spark passed into the possession of one of the twelve Prime Masters; hidden within a suit of decoy armor, they safeguarded the abilities of the Primes until the present day. Although the Autobots, accompanied with a reborn Optimus Prime, attempted to intervene, their efforts weren't enough to stop Steeljaw from activating the portal. Follow Angel on her dark journey through some of the most sinful and perverse places this world has to offer. Hot Rod also joined the ranks of his acolytes after Overlord used the Matrix of Chaos to turn him into Rodimus Cron. Even after the weapon was completed, Solus Prime showed great reluctance in allowing it to remain in existence. Since his body was never meant to contain the unholy power flowing through it, he had to steadily vent that energy to ensure his own continued existence. From there, Megatronus bided his time. Initially unsure of this revelation, Starscream went with it until Shockwave, unmasked as an impostor, revealed that he had orchestrated the decidedly mortal Starscream's disastrous rise and fall from power. When his power is at its height The Fallen can open space bridges and travel between dimensions and realities at will. The Fallen tried to flee, but Optimus Prime punched through his chest and ripped out his spark core, finally killing The Fallen. Exodus, According to legend, at the beginning of time, Unicron and Primus battled each other for eons, with neither side remaining victorious for long. As the time for the Unbinding drew near, the Fallen recruited a trio of Decepticon outcasts, Bludgeon, Mindwipe, and Bugly, who hungered for a command of the occult. Fighting Steeljaw distracted Megatronus long enough for Bumblebee to resuscitate Optimus, and the two Autobot leaders moved in to finish him off after Megatronus hurled Steeljaw away. CD's, Vinyl Records, Tapes, Shirts, Patches. The First Who Was Named. He employed Megatron in the pursuit of the AllSpark, but after Megatron's defeat at Mission City, the AllSpark was reduced to a mere fragment. Using the power of Vector Sigma, Shouki unlocked a new transformation, becoming the gigantic "Train Bazooka" weapon, which Shuta then fired at The Fallen, obliterating him. The Fallen responded by grabbing Bludgeon's head and giving him a mere glimpse of what he sought: images of a fiery vortex, demonic faces, stabbing swords and a human skull engulfed Bludgeon. A combined army of forces from several factions defeated the Chaos Trinity and penetrated The Fallen's operation. One of the original Thirteen Primes created by Primus to combat Unicron, Megatronus betrayed his fellow Primes in his quest for power, leading to his banishment. Out of the One, Many. Megatronus conceived the idea of the Requiem Blaster, a weapon so powerful that it dwarfed all other weapons in existence. A triumphant Megatronus materialized, ready to carry out his plan. If the first Transformers were Primus's disciples, then The Fallen is his Judas. As his power and influence grew over the course of his campaigns, Megatronus became a feared warrior and tyrant, and took to calling himself "The First Who Was Named." While Unicron attacked the new Prime, Megatronus made a grab for the Enigma and Blaster, only to be restrained by the other heroes. Amused by his disciple's misinformation, The Fallen revealed that the cube was merely a vessel, while the knowledge within the AllSpark was instead placed within the mind of the human who had challenged Megatron, Sam Witwicky. Welcome to the JewishGen Romania-Moldova Database. Battlegrounds, Part 2, In later happier times, Bumblebee recalled the events of their battle against Megatronus. There, he recruited the gladiator twins Arcee and Galvatron, who proved their loyalty to him by slaughtering their old master. At some later date, Megatronus killed Solus Prime in a fit of rage, and became the Fallen, forever more. Introducing himself as "the first Decepticon", Megatronus struck a bargain with Steeljaw: if Steeljaw helped free him from his prison, Megatronus would let Steeljaw and his gang have the Earth. Megatronus paused to look, giving Onyx the opening to fight his way through Megatronus' forces, meet with his old friend, and convince him to stand down. Megatron attempted to distract Megatronus with an angry outburst, giving Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus a chance to surprise attack him, but Megatronus brushed Maximus aside and killed Optimus. Directed by J. The Cybertronian colonization force quickly encountered severe resistance from the Antillans; the devastating Antillan/Cybertronian war would end when an Antillan scientist deployed a doomsday weapon that scoured all life on the planet, and the fallout from the war would ensure that the rest of the universe would come to fear the destructive power of the Transformers. #3's Contents section, Legend had it that the first seven Transformers were created by Primus, but the Fallen believed them to be creations of the AllSpark. The Fallen promised them all manner of dark powers in exchange for serving him. Megatronus confronted Solus Prime over a newly created suit of armor intended for Maximo's "farm". The Fallen ordered Megatron to put his sarcophagus on the ship and then stay behind to fight Optimus's forces and safeguard the AllSpark. Orders of $25.00 or more will be shipped our Standard Shipping option and the shipping is completely FREE. Megatronus hid himself away in the untamed regions of Cybertron, until the surviving Primes discovered him. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Glu), Megatronus was among the many Decepticons available to repel an Insecticon invasion. Eons later, a young gladiator and social rhetorician named D-16 took inspiration from ancient folk tales, renaming himself "Megatronus". In the chaos, Megatronus fired the Requiem Blaster without thinking, fatally wounding Solus Prime. With great reluctance, Solus Prime agreed to forge the weapon for Megatronus, and even then only after Megatronus convinced other members of the Thirteen to petition her on his behalf as well. The mega-computer managed to wrest itself free of the ancient villain's grip long enough to transform into its "Oracle" robot mode and lend its power to Overdrive, who then used his powered-up Quantum Dial to bring forth reinforcements from time itself. The First Who Was Named Their conspiracy unveiled, the grand alliance between the Primes collapsed and their followers fell to fighting amongst one another, heralding the beginning of the First Cybertronian Civil War. Many of the Primes had grown arrogant, however, and began spreading rumors that only a Prime could kill another Prime so as to maintain their superiority over their followers. Were he ever able to escape, he would be a supremely powerful danger. The Empire State’s July 1, 2020 population of 19,336,776 was down 126,355, or 0.65 percent, from the estimated level of a year earlier, the estimates indicate. Lagrange When Alpha Trion recounted the story of the war's end to Optimus Prime, he was unable to elaborate on why Megatronus and Megatron shared such similar names. This is a multiple database search facility which incorporates all the databases listed below. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), Optimus Prime had survived his battle with Megatron and merged with the parts of Jetfire, and now this new, powered-up form faced the might of The Fallen at the Great Pyramid. Emperor Magnus the Pious[2w] The Empire, sometimes referred to as the Empire of Man,is an electoral monarchy composed of feudal states that is the largest and most important of the Human nations in the Old World. Training Day The Fallen had Soundwave contact one of his Seekers still on the planet, Ransack, and had him dispatched him to deal with the Twins. If the name you are researching does not appear in an index, re-check the index at a later time or search for the record in the available original images. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide. Back-to-Back, The Fallen suffered from iron barnacles in the folds of his armour... and if YOU were an Autobot sympathiser, you would be forced to clean them out! As Keith helps guide her back towards the light, a secret from the past comes back to haunt the duo, threatening to tear them apart. He also told him that Optimus sought the AllSpark for himself, and Megatron immediately decided that Optimus and his followers deserved to be killed for this transgression. The Fallen was sent through his sarcophagus and trapped in another dimension, where he crashed into a desolate landscape, swearing revenge. Unsure where it might have been hidden, he began searching its most likely hiding places, burning them to the ground when left empty-handed. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the second film in the live-action film series, a sequel to Transformers.It was released in North America on June 24, 2009.. He called this group the Decepticons. Until, that is, Primus created the Thirteen. Can Angel regain her wings and soar once again? Without Warning Taking notice of the Blaster being fired, Megatronus rushed to the Athenaeum Sanctorum, where he revealed his plan. Among their collaborative efforts were Dark Energon skins, which would protect the Primes from the toxic Dark Energon. Lockout, Megatronus interrupted Steeljaw while the latter was scheming, demanding to know if they had made progress on the device that would allow him to escape. Renegade Rhetoric (1), 2015/10/13, Jealous of his brothers and sisters, Megatronus was motivated to move against his siblings, and targeted Prima's Star Saber, intending to take it for his own. Train Wars 2, Smokescreen cheered on The Fallen in the battle against the opposition. The Fallen also ordered Megatron to build a space cruiser to seek out the Matrix, which he said was a prerequisite to his return. The Fallen responded by knocking Jetfire out cold too. Megatronus moved to attack the weakened Autobots, but was intercepted by Optimus, and the two began dueling. However, a super-powered Optimus Prime, now fused with Jetfire, destroyed the harvester and attacked The Fallen, sending them both falling to the ground below. He is rarely defeated; at best he is contained, where he waits with eternal patience for the chance to unleash his dark powers once again. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Blood Ceremony Diagonal The Gates of Slumber Grand Magus Iron Man Orange Goblin Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats However, he and his lover Solus Prime clashed over what to do with the Blaster afterwards, as Megatronus wanted to keep it for his own rather than see it destroyed. Tales of the Fallen #3, The Fallen attempted to build a Star Harvester on his own, powered by a counterfeit Matrix of Leadership he had constructed. I want to tell you about the Transformers! By uniting with a larger Transformer, the Prime Master could channel the powers of Megatronus's Spark and grant them unique abilities that varied with each new partner. The Primes invoked their rule of the sanctity of life and refused to activate the harvester, but The Fallen despised the humans as simple insects and attempted to activate the Harvester. The Fallen became known as the first Decepticon, and he became the master of Megatron, leader of the faction. Though he has at times been imprisoned between dimensions, this rarely lasts. Volcanicus After Trypticon's defeat, Victorion attempted to claim the Enigma and Matrix, but Megatronus surrounded them with a fiery aura, destroying part of Victorion's arm. They were placed in the chamber of the High Council. He threw away his original name and became the Fallen. The Swamp As the two fought, the weapon was accidentally discharged, killing Solus and leaving Megatronus to grieve. Tales of the Fallen #4, As Jetfire joined the Decepticons, The Fallen took them to a planet named Earth, and they built a Star Harvester to claim the Sun. The Fallen and the other members of the Thirteen gathered to witness this momentous event, and found that, as a side effect, they ceased to exist as multiversal singularities. The Fallen's promise to Megatron that he would make his student a Prime would never be fulfilled, as Primes were born, not made. [2] Corrupted by Unicron, the Fallen then tried to sabotage his creator's body. However, the sight of his nearly-resurrected lover gave him the strength to break free, and he burned all the others except Megatron, who moved to protect them. Megatronus considered himself a warrior and trained alongside Vector Prime, Prima, Onyx Prime, and Amalgamous. While visiting one universe's Cybertron as part of his quest for the sword's fragments, Nexus decided to tell his companion Aquarius about his quest. Dark Jedi, also known as "Fallen" Jedi, were Force-sensitives, frequently former Jedi, who chose to deny the light side of the Force or follow the dark side. Nemesis Prime bio, When Predaking attacked Autobot City, the Fallen stood next to Gelshark. Megatronus informed his new servant that the device would require a mass of sufficient metal to anchor the energies generated by his arrival- namely, the Crown City Colossus. If the first Transformers were Primus's disciples, then The Fallen is his Judas. Upon Megatron's revival he traveled to the Nemesis, where The Fallen stayed in a life-support chair while Starscream oversaw the creation of a new army of Decepticons. Leading his three followers to the Well of All Sparks, hidden within Cybertron, he explained that the Unbinding required four particular Transformers, who would function as "angles in the geometry of dissolution", and named Grimlock as the first. Tales of the Fallen #4Foundation #2, Knowledge of this was lost through the ages, and the Dynasty of Primes became little more than a myth. In the end, he slaughtered all of his brethren, but they were still able to imprison him in a pocket dimension and save the Earth. Jetfire, The Fallen's most trusted and capable Seeker, began to unwittingly harvest the stars of inhabited star systems; the two would scan a system together, but The Fallen would report that his search areas were devoid of life. The First Who Was Named, Late into his conquests, Megatronus marched on neighboring Protohex and easily annexed it into the Darklands, overthrowing its ruler Septimus Prime and murdering his Supplicants of Arrius. When Steeljaw realized this, Megatronus retorted that the had never technically lied to him about his right to own Earth... or whatever would be left of it. Afterwards, a wounded and horrified Megatron fled with Starscream, and the Autobots and their allies declared victory.,, and can be searched free of charge at your local family history center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. JewishGen Romania Database. The accusations flew quickly, and before long the argument descended into a free-for-all. Due to being in a negative polarity universe, rather than being constantly on fire, the Fallen was now constantly frozen, and only his devoted servant Sunstorm kept him warm. This accident weakened the barrier between reality and the dimension in which The Fallen was trapped, allowing The Fallen to eventually break free and return to Cybertron. In spite of this, he struck up a close friendship with Solus Prime, which eventually blossomed into a mutual romance. The Fallen was able to grab weapons from his stockpile through personal dimensional portals, and one by one he murdered his brothers until there was only one Prime left to oppose him. The Fallen sent Starscream and some Decepticon forces to Shanghai to retrieve a fragment of the AllSpark. New York could be on the way to its first population decline in any decade since the 1970s, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.. A gladiator would also name himself after Megatronus before shortening his name to simply "Megatron". The Fallen warped Jetfire and his other underlings away and faced his brothers alone. Origin Myths, In the era that followed, the seven Primes were joined by five more, giving rise to the Thirteen, who ruled over the Thirteen Tribes. There, sensing the fury and resentment, The Fallen established contact with Megatron, filling him with a new resolve to destroy those who sought out the AllSpark. the Decepticon leader that would one day arise, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Official Movie Adaptation, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Electronic Voice Changer, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Mix & Match, Behemoth Combination! In addition to the usual ancient finds such as pottery and tools, people have uncovered records of the earliest examples of Chinese writing and proof that they were producers of the world’s oldest wine. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. To ensure that the Matrix of Leadership in the sword's hilt would find its way to its next owner when the time was right, however, Onyx coldly informed his student that his usefulness was at an end and murdered him, telling him that—thanks to the impending rise of Megatron—Cybertronians would, after a fashion, remember his name. The Fallen informed Soundwave of Megatron's visit, and Soundwave deduced Megatron was one of the Cybertronians rumored to held captive by the humans, prompting him to return. Conflagration, Shockwave broke the Seal for his cloning experiments, siphoning from within it the energy needed to create life. Realizing that he could use his understanding of Cybertron's past to set the planet's history along the preordained course that he knew it must follow, Shockwave dubbed Onyx's terrified compatriot "Megatronus," naming him after the Decepticon leader that would one day arise. With a gesture of his radiant hand, Primus engulfed his wayward creation in a torrent of searing energy that was then sucked back into the Seal of Primus. Robots in Disguise, Marie considered Megatronus among the coolest of the Decepticons. Optimus managed to shatter Megatronus's Spark fuser, closing the rift and ruining his plan. He was unable to warn them that The Fallen's essence had taken root in his spark as they broke through the ice holding him. The business had attracted £15bn from investors — … Rightfully proud of his power and unwaveringly loyal to his creator Primus, he thought of himself as a warrior first and foremost, but his dark powers and conflicted nature meant that he was rarely at peace with himself. Exiles, Megatron, who took his name to inspire fear, took a favorable view of the Fallen, considering him the one member of the Thirteen who refused to bow down to the others, and the only Prime who sought his own destiny. Megatronus confessed his crime, but also accused Maximo of setting up the whole plot, and aimed to kill him once and for all. Megatronus eventually requested that a blaster be made for him by Solus Prime. Fallen Angels is the 37th studio album by Bob Dylan, released by Columbia Records on May 20, 2016.. This left Bludgeon suitably inspired to begin hunting down their targets. Dogfight! Despite his pleas that his love for her was everlasting, she rebuked him and dragged him into the Well, finally killing him. "Three things make the Empire great; faith, steel and gunpowder." Behemoth Combination! The Fallen's essence had then escaped and corrupted Sunstorm. This attempt ended in failure, and "The Fallen" fled to his master, but there was little refuge to be found: They were both sucked into a black hole. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/07/20 He used to have an impressive collection of antique melee weapons before Sideways ruined it with Cosmic Rust... at least, according to Sideways. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Transformers: Battle for the Matrix, With Optimus Prime seemingly defeated, The Fallen and the Decepticons journeyed to Egypt, where he uncovered the Star Harvester from inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and commenced his plans to destroy the Sun. Soon after Megatron's death in Mission City, The Fallen made contact with Starscream and used him to organise the Decepticon army and lay the groundwork for his return. Jetfire Profile However, the Primes still managed to sacrifice themselves to hide the Creation Matrix, key to the AllSpark, while the Fallen was imprisoned in a pocket dimension on one of Saturn's moons... until Megatron released him! But They're Cute? Robots in Disguise #5, On the moment of Megatronus's defeat at the hands of Bumblebee's team, an evil presence emanated from his wounds and resonated with Nemesis Prime, powering him up into a new form. Megatron demanded what he had been promised, but the Fallen, disgusted with the creature that he no longer needed, attacked. The Crucible He was, however, able to point out that Shockwave had sent one of his Regenesis ores, Ore-8, to Tsiehshi, where Megatronus had once resided; unbeknownst to Trion, this was because "Onyx Prime" had manipulated events so that his younger self would select this planet for the Regenesis project. Megatron obeyed, leaving the sarcophagus in the barren wreckage. Their task was to harvest Energon for the AllSpark without endangering alien life, but the Fallen cared nothing for the puny meatsacks of Earth and tried to harvest the Sun! Optimus ended The Fallen's reign of terror by impaling him through his head and letting the corpse fall into the depths of the Star Harvester. But the concept of destruction fascinated him too much, and he lost sight of the goal of rebirth and the necessity of restraint. He claimed the Primes' refusal to sacrifice life to save their own planet would be its downfall, and that an army had to be readied in case the Primes betrayed them all. This created the visual effect of a constant fiery nimbus. Renaming himself "the Fallen", he donned Solus Prime's suit of armor and went into exile in space, never to be seen again. The Crucible At Onyx's urging, Prima began a program of interstellar expansion; aiming to spread Pax Cybertronia across the galaxy, he sent Megatronus, Onyx, Alpha Trion, Omega Supreme and the Omega Sentinels to lead an extraplanetary colonization mission to neighboring Antilla, claiming that their deeds would spread the "enlightenment" of Cybertronian civilization to other worlds. In the aftermath, Liege Maximo was apparently blown apart by a shot from the Requiem Blaster, although Alpha Trion could not identify just who had fired the weapon. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. Shocked by the display, Jetfire surmised that The Fallen predated the Golden Age. He slowly befriended more of the Thirteen, although his love for Solus Prime never faded. Meanwhile, on Cybertron, civil war raged between Optimus's Autobots and Megatron's Decepticons, a war which eventually led to the AllSpark being launched into space. Revenge of the Fallen, According to The Fallen, he and his brothers were the first creations of the AllSpark. Our Finest The First Who Was Named, Prima was enraged to learn that their benevolent mission had failed and blamed Megatronus for the disaster; when an insulted Megatronus was subsequently approached by Liege Maximo, the manipulative Prime stoked Megatronus's resentment and eventually brokered a secret alliance, a sequence of events that had been deliberately orchestrated by Shockwave so as to bring about the fall of the Primes as history had foretold. The Fallen singlehandedly abducted Blitzwing from his well-guarded holding cell in Autobot headquarters, shrugging off attacks by some of the Autobots' best warriors and causing their weapons to corrode away into uselessness with a mere gesture. Battlegrounds, Part 1. However, due to his imprisonment, the Fallen could only communicate with his generals and not Ransack directly, which led to Soundwave taking his own actions and working his own angles to try and find the Tomb of the Primes, which included recruiting the Twins, rather than eliminating them.

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